Monday, February 05, 2007

Welcome to the Dangerzone

Vanilla Ninja

Moving away from Sweden for a moment lets take a look at an Estonian band - Vanilla Ninja.

The band has been around since 2002 and despite having 5 albums and over 12 singles and 3 attempts at the Eurovision Song Contest, the band hasn't seen much commercial success outside of Estonia. They've gone through record label changes and had 2 members leave the band but they continue to release albums and singles across Europe. This is a band that is so successful in Estonia that they have their own flavor of Ice Cream.

You can read more about their career - Here

The band is very guitar and drum centered Pop/Rock music. Download my favorite tracks below:

*Up Next... I'll post about one of my top 4 favorite Swedish bands of all time! I'm also planning to post every song ever recorded by an amazing and short lived Uk Pop! band. Stay tuned.


HotstuffFiles said...

I look forward to hearing these.

Also would you be interested in a mutual linking relationship, because I love the site.


Troy said...


Great blog yourself! I'll link you up for sure!