Friday, February 16, 2007


WOW! Week 3 of Melodifestivalen has reached an all new high! This will be the week to watch! The songs this week are spectacular!

Lets begin! The links will work for the next 24 hours.

1. Mans Zemerlow - Cara Mia
This song blew me away. it's written by Melodifestivalen regular - Fredrik Kempe. It is in my top 5 already for 2007. I'm really worried about this song it HAS to make it to the final, but with competition so strong this week I hope it isn't passed over. If this was in week one or two it would have made the final for sure! I honestly doubt it will make it but it is my favorite song by far this year.

2. MissMatch - Drop Dead
This one's good, catchy and rocky. But with such strong competition its doomed to fail.

3. Magnus Carlsson - Live Forever
Magnus hasn't let us down! This song is upbeat and dancey and very camp. Sounds a little like Bosson to me actually. When he described it as a mix of A-Ha & Limahl he hit it BANG ON. It sounds a little 80's and a little 90's with a 2007 twist! Sounds like a choir of kids in the backround?! Ohh nice touch!

4. Sheida - I Mina Drommar
I'd best describe this song as very 'eastern' sounding. It's got a great beat and is very funky. I love that the song is going to compete but I'm afraid the voting public won't connect with the song.

5. The Attic Feat. Therese - The Arrival
This is a great dance song and I can imagine hearing it at a club. Therese is a fan favorite but will the public vote for such a modern sounding track? I think it's too dancey. As much as I like it I think it's doomed to fail unfortunately.

6. Sebastian - When The Night Comes Falling
A Swedish Idol finalist who took the place of Agnes when she was disqualified. The song is very typical of an ex-idol. Its rocky and very catchy. I can see him singing it on stage now. It's something everyone will like and I think he will make it to Andra Chansen easily.

7. Sonja Alden - For Att Du Finns
Sounds an awful lot like Shirley Clamp to me! The song is very strong for a ballad. It's very powerful and uplifting. It keeps building up as it goes along which I LOVE. Here comes the climax... and ... Ok I officially love it! Normally I would say it's too slow to qualify but it seems like a lot of slow songs have made it through to the she may have a chance!

8. Nanne - Jag Maste Kyssa Dig
This song has been HIGHLY anticipated and expectations are HIGH! I think people will vote for this song because it's Nanne and not because it's the best song of the night. Personally I'm a little dissapointed with the track. There's nothing wrong with it! But I don't think is the song that should win Melodifestivalen.

If there is any justice Mans will make it. If not we'll have the 3rd crime of Melodifestivalen.

WOW... ok now for my predictions:

Through To The Final:
Magnus Carlsson

To the 2nd Chance Round:
Mans Zelmerlow
Sebastian or Sonja Alden

Tomorrow we will find out if I was right.


Poster Girl said...

Oh. My. Gosh. This round is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I cannot get over it. I'm in shock. I'm amazed. If the stream doesn't work tomorrow, I may very well break down.

I so second your love for Mans's song...I wish it was in a different round! I can't believe it didn't originally make the cut (unless they wrote it after those two songs were cut) because it is SO GOOD. For the songs, his and Magnus's are my favorite this round. I'm sad about Nanne--the song isn't bad, but it's not what I was hoping for. Still, I'm sure I'll love it more after seeing the performance.

I'm running out of adjectives to describe how much I love this round and the songs in it. I seriously think I might burst out of excitement.

Troy said...

LOL... you're hilarious. After I heard the songs I msn'ed a friend and told them the songs were so good i was crying! LOL

If there is a God Mans will make it at least to the 2nd chance!

jake said...

You are right. Magnus is sounding like Bosson. Also the intro is very like Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road! Live Forever is strongest track for me.

melodimen said...

Pleased Mans made it to the Globen!
Gutted Magnus didn't though! Great pop song, how did it not make andra chasen at least?
Role on week 4...!