Monday, February 12, 2007

A Million Lights Are Shining & There You Are...A Shooting Star

The year is 2002. The world of cheesy pop music has suffered a massive blow in the Uk with the split of one of the biggest bands in Uk pop history when 'Steps' announced their split on Dec. 26th, 2001.

So Pete Waterman, the mastermind behind Steps, announces to the world that his team is putting together a new group to fill the void. Their creation is shrouded in secrecy. Who is this group? What will they be singing? and most of all is the record buying public ready for another pop band?
Finally in 2004 he launches his new creation. Their songs are written by the same song writers, they have the same manager, and when you buy their single you can learn the dance moves to the song inside the sleeve. The band was "POP" and their debut single was 'Heaven & Earth.'

While radio never picked up the single, it was promoted everywhere and dominated Uk music video channels for weeks. Despite the push the single debuted at #14 in may 2004. At this point pop music was on it's way out and with a name like "POP!" the band was going to have to fight hard to get their music heard.

So the band went out on the road and bagan playing at live gigs across the Uk anywhere they could. Their website launched and they began to build a loyal fan base. Glenn Ball, Jade McGuire, Hannah Lewis & Jamie Tinkler began focusing on their 2nd single 'Can't Say Goodbye' which was released in August 2004. The single was released on 2 Cd's one containing extra tracks such as remixes and the music video.

Thats when the contrevercy started. Uk chart regulations are very strict and it turned out that one of the singles exceeded the time allowed for a single to qualify for the official chart. Due to this fact one of the singles would not count for the sales chart. No matter how many copies the cd sold it wouldn't count for the official chart. As a result the song charted at a dismal #26.

At this point there was a lot of talk that the band was finished. There were meetings between their management and their record label Sony/BMG. The media declared that 'Pop!' were finished. Despite the rumours the band announced they had not been dropped and were re-grouping to work on their album and next single.

As promised the band re-emerged in January 2005 with a new look, and a new sound. Their 80's inspired track 'Serious.' Gone were the cheesy outfits and the colourful videos, the band had a grown up look, a mature sound & an expensive video! Shot in luxurious locations around L.A. in Miami Vice style, the video saw the band on a yacht, in a car chase and in a dramatic casino scene. Pete Waterman went on the record to say that he believed in this band, that he didn't care what chart position they got that he backed the band 100% and they would not be dropped and that an album was forthcoming.

The single was finally released but again controvercy. Fans began reporting that stores across the Uk were either sold out of the single or never even received copies of the single to sell. The band members themselves posted messages that their own family members were unable to find copies of the single to purchase. The song charted at a dissapointing #16 in January 2005.

Not long after that Pete Waterman announced that he no longer supporting the band. He said the band was doomed to fail with a name like 'Pop!' and that the Uk record buying public had moved away from pop music. Despite this a 4th single had been recorded a cover of Olivia Newton-John's dance hit 'Xanadu.' It was predicted that 'Xanadu' would become the big hit they were waiting for. But alas, when it was announced that lead singer Jade McGuire was pregnant the band decided to call it a day.

Plans for the single release were shelved, but fans were rewarded for their support when 'Xanadu' was leaked across the internet and clubs across the Uk.

Now you can listen to every song Pop! ever released. Enjoy!
Pop! - Someone Like You


jake said...

Can't Say Goodbye has to be one of the greatest Pete Waterman creations ever. Just heard Xanadu thanks to your clip but nothing can beat Olivia's version I'm afraid.

Troy said...

Yeah Olivia is classic, but it's always nice to hear a new version!

Can't Say Goodbye was one of my favorite songs of 2004... pure pop at its best!

melodimen said...

Great post! Loved pop!
Hadn't heard Xanadu until now - thanks so much! It should've been their 3rd single.

Adrian said...

The postscript: Glen turned up dancing for Turkey at last year's Eurovision.

ermine said...

MMM poppy goodness! New to me :)Id love to hear the remix too but it is not available