Saturday, February 24, 2007

There Is A God!

My girl Sanna made it to the 2nd chance round tonight at the 4th and last Semi-Final.
Next Saturday she will compete against Jimmy Janssen's - 'Amanda' to continue on in the contest. If Sanna doesn't make it I don't know what I will do. I NEED to see her sing this live on march 10th!

So congratulations Sanna! Keep your fingers crossed everyone!

For now you can enjoy her spectacular performance from the Semi-Final.

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Poster Girl said...

The moment they announced Sarah as through to the final, I thought for sure Sanna was done for; I thought Magnus and Andreas were definitely through and, despite some strange polls, that there was no way After Dark wouldn't make it either. I'm so relieved! I'm also relieved that she's in the top half of the second chance draw; there's still no guarantess, but if she was up against Nanne, I'd be really really worried about her making it to the finals.