Monday, September 24, 2007

New Music Monday!

It's that special time of the week again... NEW MUSIC MONDAY!
Today's the day you get a bunch of new tunes to preview all week and have your say as to which was the best! Last week the majority spoke and said that Leona Lewis was the best with her new single 'Bleeding Heart.'

If you haven't seen the movie 'Stardust' yet you need to go see what you're missing. This is by far one of the best movies released this year! It has everything a movie should have, great acting, adventure, humour and romance. Take That have recorded the theme song which strangely enough isn't even on the soundtrack. I first heard the song when I saw the movie in the theater. I stayed in my seat through the credits so I could hear the song and boy Take That did not dissapoint. This song will be their new single in the Uk when it is released at the end of October. Smells like another number 1 for Take That

When McFly hit the scene back in 2004 I brushed them off saying they were just a cheap version of 'Busted.' But with every single and every album McFly shows that they are here to stay and are doing their own thing. Their songs are supremely catchy and combine the best of pop and rock to create their hit singles. This new one has to be one of their best yet! I'm VERY impressed. This is definitely an album I'm going to buy. The only album I ever bought from the boys was 'Wonderland' which is fantastic if you haven't heard it yet. I actually have an old song from McFly that I LOVE, maybe I should do a McFly post?

2 weeks ago I posted 50/60 from Alizee thinking this was her new single. Well her record label has just released a press release stating that Mademoiselle Juliette is going to be the first single from her 3rd album. This is her first album since parting ways with Mylenne Farmer and her old record label. The song isn't bad... but she should have stayed with Mylenne if you ask me.

If I didn't know any better I wouldn't even know that the Spice Girls are back together! Since announcing their reunion things have been quiet from the Spice Camp. Melanie C is releasing a new single in the Uk, Melanie B is on 'Dancing With The Stars' in the USA, Baby Spice had her baby and through it all the girls are going to be starting to rehearse for their world tour very soon. Speaking of which ticket information STILL hasn't been released. Rumour has it that an announcement will be made by October 1st. They had better hurry up. The tour kicks off in Vancouver (My Home!) on December 2nd!
Remember if you like what you hear... support the artists... all of these albums and singles can be purchased online and shipped internationally.