Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Too Late To Apologize...

I never would have thought that I would ever in my life be posting a Timbaland song on my blog... and yet here we are. Sure he's done some good songs for other artists... but I never had any interest in listening to anything by him before.

My friend sent this to me last night and said I 'HAD' to hear this song. As soon as I saw Timbaland I rolled my eyes. But after the first 30 seconds I was singing a different tune.

This song is really really good! It's not in your face R & B. It's just good, pop, modern and funky sounding ballad.

Whether he's producing music for others or himself, Timbaland definitely seems to have the midas touch.


Poster Girl said...

Oh gosh yes, I love this song--think I heard it on the radio, too, recently, so maybe it's the next single? I definitely hope it gets heard by more people--it's great!

Ninja/Slice said...

just wanted to let u know, this is a remix on his album, the orginal version of the song can be heard on one republic's new cd and is on their myspace now. So just a fyi he didn't write it or produce it, just a remix, be amazing. Now u need to hear the ONE REPUBLIC remix of his current single The Way I Are or whatever its called. if u need it , I got it. just comment. love your site thanks 4 the music

Troy said...

Hey Ninja!

That's great info thanks! I'll have to check out the original for sure.

If the One Republic mix of The Way I Are is good that would be awesome if you could send it over.

Thanks for the info :)


Ninja/Slice said...

U ask and shall recive: up on zahre for u all feel free to repost if u want. I also have the prginal version of the song by one republic minus the timbland work on it.

Anonymous said...

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