Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm Sending You An S.O.S!

Ola Svensson
It's not a cover... It's ANOTHER song called S.O.S!

This is what pop music is all about! Ola Svensson is already setting the swedish charts on fire with his new single S.O.S!

Ola is about to release his new album this fall and if you are a pop fan this is one album you'll have to check out. Rumour has it that this album isn't filled with filler ballads and of coarse it will include his single 'Natalie' that was a smash hit earlier this summer. To be honest I wasn't all that impressed with him at first... but he's really impressed me lately and I think I'm a huge Ola fan now.

Purchase the single and his new album 'Good Enough' - Here


Elizabeth said...

The very beginning of SOS sounds *really* like another song but I can't work out which.

. said...

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