Monday, September 03, 2007

New Music Monday

So I'm going to make this short and sweet today...

The artists I'm about to post have given me some of my all time favorite songs... J'ai Pas 20 Ans from Alizee and 2 albums worth of tracks from BWO... but I'm a little dissapointed by these new tracks from them. They're good! But I had higher expectations?

This retro inspired track is a little different from anything she's done before but I don't know if it's got as much hit potential as her previous singles. I also think this is the first album she's done without Mylene Farmer?

I'm a little behind with this track... but i've only JUST downloaded it. I have to admit I was really looking forward to their new material... but feel a little let down by this one. It's really nice and fluffy. I guess I wanted something a little more hard hitting. From what I understand they also released a dance track as a double a side with this track. So maybe I'll like that one better. I do seem to like this one the more I listen to it though... it's just not as good as 'Conquering America' or 'Sunshine In The Rain' for example.

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Poster Girl said...

Ever since you posted about Alizée for the first time, "J'ai pas vingt ans!" has been one of my favorite songs--it's perfect. Thanks for this one--it's not quite as good, but I think I like it.

Have you not heard "Rhythm Drives Me Crazy" yet? I like it more than "Let It Rain" (which disappointed me too), though I've heard of other people who like "Let It Rain" more. Still, even if the next single is apparently a ballad, the album sounds like it'll have some more "hard-hitting" songs on it. Here it is, if you want it:

Thanks for "Let It Rain"--the version I had wasn't quite top quality :)