Monday, September 17, 2007

New Music Monday

New Music Monday is here! Here are 3 new singles for you to evaluate... leave your opinions by Voting in the poll on the right!

Helena Paparizou - 3 Is A Magic Number

Last month I posted about Helena and how shocked I am that she hasn't had more international success. She's released some AMAZING singles and has a great voice and stage presence! So when I saw that she had a new single I couldn't wait to hear it! Now that I've heard it I honestly don't know what to think. At first listen I thought it had to be a joke. But I've been listening to it a bit more and as weird as it is... it's actually sorta cool! Definitely unique! What do you think?

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Heart

Leona Lewis won last seasons X-Factor in the Uk and after her debut single she went into seclusion to record her debut album in the USA. They've held back until they were ready to launch her new single and album. This is her first single from the album and It's not bad although it sounds a little dated? Like the kind of song you would have listened to back in 1995? It's good... but not the kind of single to launch an international career from. It's a pretty song from a girl with a pretty voice... But I can't help but think she's a little overrated.

Westlife - Home

The biggest dissapointment of all is the new single from Westlife. One of my all time favorite bands suprises no one by releasing ANOTHER cover. Now I really don't mind covers! But Westlife have really taken it too far this time. First off they've destroyed Michael Buble's version of this track and dumbed it down and turned it into a predictable single with the same old tired Westlife format. I don't even know what to say right now. Let's home the album is MUCH better than this disgusting excuse for a new single. I'm actually quite mad after hearing this song... I need to go listen to 'My Love.' You shouldn't cover a song unless you can make it better... and in this case they get an 'F.' So just to make up for it... here is the ORIGINAL!


wtbx said...

I am not sure Paparizou recored this song to be released as a normal single. From what I've seen on youtube, I gather it's been recorded just to be used for an ad of a mobile-telephony company, called "3".

The song itself is a cover of a 70's song featured on a kids' show.

It certainly is a weird song as sung by Paparizou!

kerryuk78 said...

Does anyone have the westlife version of home? I'd love to hear it, though I'm worried they may have killed one of my all time fave hits.

Jump! said...

Wow! Helena decides to do a semi cover of School House Rock's "Three is a magic number". Its certainly interesting but probably a poor choice for single.

The less said about the new Westlife the better.

Troy said...

Kerry - It's actually in the post that you just commented about :) It's right above the michael buble link.

xolondon said...

I agree about Buble. The original is beautiful and the cover is just RUDE! It's like a cheap copy. Maybe Buble will make some money off it. I hope so.