Monday, September 03, 2007

On and On Your Voice Is Calling...

How would you feel... if one day you were approached by a producer who said he wanted to help you record a single that he thought could be an international hit single?

You record the song and the producer insists on recording a trance inspired dance version of the song. You finally give in and agree but only if you can also record a ballad piano version of the track as well.

So you record the track and before you know it's being released across the world, hitting number 1 in countries all over the globe. But even though you're singing lead vocals... your name is nowhere to be found on the song. Everywhere you go to promote the song people are asking who you are. Even in the video your face is blurred out.

Can't believe it would happen? It did and you probably know the song I'm talking about even if you don't know the singer.

The song is Heaven. The artist credited? Dj Sammy and Yanou. After the initial release of the track the labels were changed in some countries to ensure that Do was added as the lead vocalist. But the damage was already done... she was constantly asked if she was 'Dj Sammy.'

The real talent behind the song was the singer 'Do' (pronounced Doe) She's a dutch singer who has released two successful albums in Holland and had a string of hit singles.

I posted a song of hers for my Valentines post earlier this year and I'm following it up with another of her early singles.

If anyone knows anything more about her I'd love to know a bit more and pehaps get my hands on some of her songs.

Below you can watch Do sing an AMAZING version of 'Heaven' live with Westlife at the TMF Awards.


Brooke said...

I have both her albums, would you like me to upload them?

Troy said...

If you could shoot me acouple of the best tracks that would ROCK!