Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Men Of Sweden

So I've been sitting on some of these songs since I went to Sweden earlier this year and I'm finally gonna put them on here. I've already posted about some of the best Men of Sweden already... artists like Martin Stenmark, The Attic, Erik Segerstedt, Ola, Danny, marcus Fagerval, Magnus Carlsson, Mathais Holmgren, Ander Johansson and more... Here are some of the other "Men of Sweden" for you to enjoy :)

Sebastian - Words and Violence

Most of you will know what I'm talking about when I mention Melodifestivalen. Earlier this year Sebastian took part in the competition and made it all the way to the finals with 'When The Night Comes Falling.' He was a runner up in Swedish Idol in 2006 losing out to Agnes. He's released 2 albums and both of them have been immensely successful in Sweden going Gold with sales of over 30'000 copies. 'Words & Violence' was his first single from his second album, before he entered Melodifestivalen. It peaked at number 3 in the singles chart.

Jimmy Jansson has a long past with Melodifestivalen. having entered back in 2002 with his band 'The Poets.' After the band broke up Jimmy went solo in 2004 after entering the TV show 'Fame Factory.' Since then he's released 3 solo albums and competed in Melodifestivalen 2 more times in 2005 and earlier this year with his single 'Amanda.' To date he's released 7 top 40 singles in Sweden. He has to be one of my favorite Swedish male acts his albums are FANTASTIC. I reccomend you pick up his latest album 'San E Jag.'

So I don't know much about this guy. From what I can find out he was a contestant on Swedish Idol. When I told my Swedish friend that I bought his single he laughed at me. So from what I can tell this guy is really just a joke... think William Hung? The song is catchy though... so think of it as a guilty pleasure. His music reminds me of Danny for some reason. BTW. I keep mixing up Danny and Ola! It's driving me crazy.

The 2nd half of the AMAZING 'Fame' that every good blog on the web has posted about. While Magnus backlund doesn't have the charisma of Jessica Andersson he has at least delivered a solo album! It seems like there is definitely a public demand for the return of 'Fame.' So we can only hope that Jessica will agree to it, I'm sure she's the one that is holding out. Magnus and Jessica met while filming Fame Factory, the show that Magnus won! In 2006 Magnus entered Melodifestivalen solo with 'The Name Of Love.'
I still have more Swedish "Men" to write about but you'll have to wait until another time for them.


Poster Girl said...

I love this post! Yay for "the men of Sweden" ;) I really think "Words & Violence" is one of the best songs of last year/this year.

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