Sunday, March 23, 2008

Alright Now Dance People!


So the first time I ever heard of Markoolio was last year when he did the 'Varsta Schlagern' duet with the brilliant 'Bengtzing.' The song is brilliant in every way and shot straight to number one for weeks.

I remember looking Markoolio up and thinking... who is this guy?! He looks a bit odd, and I got the impression that his album was really more tongue in cheek and really just a bit of a joke.

Well during my trip, I was out dancing when a Swedish track came on. All the Swedes seemed to enjoy it, they were singing along and having fun. All the foreigners sort of scratched their heads and said "What is this crap?!"

Well the song was immediately stuck in my head and I had to ask someone what it was. Her answer: Markoolio!

So here is the song... keep an open mind here... the chorus is extremely catchy and fun to sing along to. "REAGGAE!! INGEN SOMMAR UTAN RAGGA!" It reminds me a lot of DJ Otzi, if anyone remembers him.