Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Hard Can It Be To Give Us The Album We Want?!

Linda Bengtzing

Did Linda Bengtzing give us the album we all wanted? Full of Alla Flickors and Hur Svart Kan Det Va's? The answer is no. But I think after listening to her first album no one really thought she would give us the album we all want her to record.

The album is definitely lacking in Schlagerificness but I've given it a chance and I really enjoy it! It's missing some of the raw energy of the first album, but I really feel like she's grown and the songs are more mature. I've officially decided that I like the album! It feels like a natural progression from her debut album. I think you have to respect her for doing the music she wants to do. If you don't mind guitars with your pop music then this is an album you must check out!

Now that being said I think someone ought to hit her upside the head and tell her that she needs to give us a pure Schlager album next time though. I mean, what a tease! She enters Melodifestivalen with what could be one of her best songs so far and then gives us an album of the music she really wants to be doing. Put down the guitars Linda!

Me and Linda before the Melodifestivalen Dress Rehersal.

Linda awlkinig past me as she hits the stage for Melodifestivalen 2008.

In other Linda news PPG gives you an interesteing comparison of an album track from her debut album. Check it out over at PopPosterGirl.


Poster Girl said...

Gosh, I love how Linda mugs for the camera (re: that photo of you and her)! That line about someone needing to hit her upside the head caused me to burst out laughing, by the way.

Thanks for the shout-out, too!

Anonymous said...

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