Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hit Me By Surprise, No Way To Deny...


Who will i dedicate my first post to after my return from Sweden?!

Well I've got jet lag and I have to be up early for work... but I couldn't go to bed without posting a little something for you all.

In total I brought back 68 cd's from London and Sweden... that means loads of new songs for you all. (Although I accidently left half of them in Sweden... long and horrible story... but they're being mailed back to me)

Sibel was a force of nature up on stage this year at Melodifestivalen. When I first saw her I thought... who does she think she is up on stage with these other great artists. But give this girl a long flowing dress, a wind machine and a dramatic power ballad and she will work it out! She really did impress me on stage, she was also extremely sweet in person

The album is full of sappy ballads but there are acouple tracks where Sibel turns things up a notch, one of those songs is 'Walking Away' which is very easy listening and has almost a country sound to it; very Carrie Underwood or Leanne Rimes actually. If you would like an album full of dramatic power ballads that aren't quite as good as 'That's Where I'll Go' then you should definitely check out her debut album.


Fenridal said...

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Paul said...

yay i'm so glad you are back. you'll have to hit me up with an email about your trip. Sounds like you had an amazing time!

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