Sunday, March 30, 2008

Must Be Doing Something ... WRONG!


After raving about Westlife's song - Something Right last week, I am disgusted to find this...

Something Right has officially been chosen as the bands third and most likely final single from their 9th album - Back Home.

The song has been re-mixed for the Uk single release and an official video clip has been released. The bad news is that it looks like they spend about $20 on the video. While the imagry is somewhat pretty... it looks like someone made it on their home computer.

When it comes to the re-mix they have utterly detroyed the years best pop song by adding a generic back beat to try and spice the song up and make it more 'cool.' The problem I have with that is that Westlife aren't cool! That's why I love them! I am really upset over this! I LOVE this song so much and I wanted it to be released so bad and now they've gone and ruined it! You can tell I'm mad because I used a lot of exclamation marks!

If you didn't get this track when PPG first posted about it I'll post it here again so you can hear the song in all it's original glory. Then you can compare it with the cheap remix it has received on the new video.

Westlife - Something Right

In other Westlife news... on June 1st Westlife will celebrate their 10 year anniversary by performing the biggest show of their entire career. The band will perform at Europe's 4th biggest stadium to a sold out crowd of 82'300 fans. The show, dubbed "10 Years of Westlife" has been described as a pop extravaganza! The show will of coarse be filmed and released on DVD. Westlife continue to be the worlds best documented act on DVD of all time with almost every music video and every tour having been released on DVD.

The band also announced that after their final concert they will take the next year off and that the band will not release a new album in 2008 and will concentrate on production of their 10th album for a release in 2009.


turnaround said...

I'm a Westlife Fan since years now and was really happy to see them back with this songs with mostly original songs.

My fave from "Back home" is of course "Something Right", and I must admit I'm quite fond of the video and the new version.

They often changed the single versions slightly, this time really obvious, but somehow it gives the chorus more drive.

I love both versions to bits.

Quite annoyed that they released "Home" as their first single, it was the wrong choice to come back with an original album.

In Germany they will release "SR" as a digital only, which is quite stupid.

Troy said...

Ok I admit maybe I was a little harsh...

The remix is fun... it's nice to have something a little more upbeat from the boys...

I just love the oroginal so much!!

Sandy said...

I've been a Westlife fan since the very beginning!!!I love "Home" but I do agree it should not have been released as the first single. I don't like the new version of "Something Right" the original version is awesome.I love every song on "Back Home". I can't wait for the DVD to be released.

Anonymous said...

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