Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let's Go To Denmark!

Today I'm taking you back in time to re-visit 2 successful Danish acts that just won't quit!
First I'm going to take you back to the summer of 1994! If you were alive back then chances are you used to sing along to this track. It was that Whigfield had an international number 1 smash hit with - 'Saturday Night.' Despite not having the same success that she had with her debut single. Whigfield remains active in the music industry to this day. She continues to release music as Whigfield. She has also written songs for other acts across Europe and in 2005 recorded a number of songs under the name 'Naan.'
As is with most acts that have huge initial success but can never re-create it, they tend to rely heavily on the song that made them famous in the first place. Acts are forever re-recording, remixing and re-releasing their original hit singles i.e. Pete Burns, Tiffany, Nikki French. So it's only fitting that Whigfield re-record her original hit and a bunch of other ones that nobody remembers and throw it all together on a new album!

Here is the 2008 version of 'Saturday Night.'

Whigfield - Saturday Night 2008

In other news...

Last year you may remember I posted news that 'Aqua' had re-formed! Although we may not have heard much from the band since their original press conference the band remains together and have announced 9 concerts in Denmark at the 2008 Gron Koncert to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy campaign.

This is the same show where Aqua last performed as a group back in 2001. Which seems like an appropriate place to launch a comeback.

The band are taking their time before making further commitments and plans as a band. At their press conference the band said they want to 'test the waters' to see how much interest there is in the band today.

Although Aqua are back together it hasn't stopped band member Soren from continuing his current project! Soren is currently in a band with his nephew, Nicolaj, called 'Hej Matematik!'
The band has released 3 digital singles to date and is about to release their debut album in Denmark. I wouldn't know how to describe their music... It's a little electro-pop meets funky R & B!? But as you can see in their album cover, they're definitely looking good!

Hej Matematik - Du & Jag

Here is the clip of their latest video - Du & Jeg

For those of you that are interested the video for their second single features a cameo by all other 3 original Aqua members! As Soren and his Nephew walk through a deserted mall they pass a store window where the 3 other members of Aqua are standing in the window and watch Soren as he walks by. It's neat to see them together again if only for a moment! You can see the clip to that video on youtube.

If you're looking forward to seeing Aqua in concert this summer don't get your hopes too high. They are planning to tour various cities across Europe but it will not be a world tour by any means and the number of shows will depend on how much interest is generated. Personally I would like to see a Greatest Hits album/dvd released with perhaps a new single?! I miss Aqua!

Here is a photo of the band from when they announced their reunion back in the fall!


Paul said...

oh! I Know hej matmatik! I have a couple of their songs including Gymnastik and Midbitten. I really like them, though must confess i only checked out their myspace initially because they looked so hot :P

turnaround said...

Oh interesting to hear some Scandinavian music not from Sweden :D

Speaking of Denmark, do you know C21?

They had some really lovely pop songs. Westlife-ish.

Btw. Have you ever considered to open a music discussion forum with some other bloggers, maybe it would be nice to discuss new pop music and recommend things.

My Cheiron forum is still down sadly, hope we're soon back.

Troy said...

Hey Turnaround,

Yeah i figured It would be refreshing to talk about something that wasn't from the Uk or Sweden for once!

I LOVE C21... ive actually done posts on C21 before... and Soren Bregendal... who is now solo.

I havent really used any forums regularly before... but definitely am open to it!

Anonymous said...

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