Monday, March 10, 2008

No Ola, No Carola and No Caracola.

Hey Guys!

After 4 days in London I've officially arrived in Stockholm. This is after a 4 hour delay at Heathrow. Then when we finally got on the plane they announced that we would be stuck there for an extra 30 minutes because some idiot accidently used the de-icing chemicals on the planes brakes and now they had to wash the breaks.

So first off London was amazing. Bought lots of new clothes and cd's of coarse. Did plenty of dancing at the clubs. You should have seen me do my dance routine to Steps - Last THing On My Mind... it was classic ;)

On Saturday night I went to a Swedish pub in London where they actually showed Melodifestivalen - Andra Chansen live via sattelite! You can't imagine how cool it was to watch the show live in a room with a bunch of other fans.

It was clear that Ola was the crowd favorite and everyone was extremely relieved when he won his first round against Caracola who put up a great fight and looked amazing might I add!

THe biggest shock of the night of coarse was Carola and Andreas failing ot make it through to the finalen. Carola had changed her performance from the loud dramatic show to a sweet and innocent performance with a lot of interaction between her and Andreas. It wasn't enough and Nordman beat tthem in the first heat. You shoul dhave seen her face! It is all over the Swedish newspapers still. I don't really understand what happened? I think the song is amazing and Carola and Andreas are huge stars in Sweden.

I think this will be the end of Carola ever doing anything with Melodifestivalen again. Actually Id love to see Carola on stage with Nordman during their performance on Saturday! She could be the witch and they could burn her live on stage! No?! Just a thought.

When they showed clips of all the songs that were in the final everyone cheered or booed and it was clear which songs were the faves.

Everyone loves Amy Diamond, Charlotte, Linda and BWO!

After the show they played a bunch of classic schlager songs and everyone sang and danced along. It was amazing. My friend who I brought with me and who has never been exposed to anything really schlager before was amazed!

I also have to give a huge shout out to Leyton! We were talking at the pub and when I told him I was from Canada he asked if I had a blog... sure enough he reads the blog! When I get home and I can post music again I have something special for ya so keep an eye out !

My final thought on Melodifestivalen is that Charllotte needs to win. I LOVE BWO and I won't complain if they win... but I think Charllotte will be able to get high marks at Eurovision.

In other Pop news, last night we went to The X-Factor live tour in London last night at the O2 arena. The show was really really good but the night truly belonged to 'Same Difference' who stole the show. Their debut single is released on April 21st and I'll have a post dedicated to them when I get home!

Ok enough rambling from me... I'm really really tired and this post probably doesn't make a lot of sense.

I can't wait to post new songs for you guys and get home to listen to all my new cd's. I'll update you again soon. I'm going to the dress rehersals on Friday and then of coarse the finalen is Saturday night. Be sure to watch it live online at


Paul said...

Glad you had an ace time. Wish i could have done Steps with you (my specialty is Deeper Shade of Blue and Chain Reaction) and how exciting to meet someone who it turns out reads your blog. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures AND read a Same Difference post. Oh mercy :)

Poster Girl said...

Ahh! That's so cool--fame! :D It's great to hear London treated you well--hopefully Stockholm does too!

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