Saturday, March 15, 2008



So lets break it down.

1. You wouldn't believe the luck we've had on this trip. Yesterday we were walking back to our hostel when I heard a microphone and an announcement being made on the street. A crowd had formed and when I went to take a closer look... (There was a big stage up on a catwalk between two buildings) LINDA BENGTZING walks out and performs her new single in the middle of the street!

It was AMAZING, if we had been 5 minutes earlier or later we would have missed the whole thing. Afterwards they announce that she is signing autographs in the mall area! So I actually got to meet her and she signed her single for me.

She was SUPER nice in person and surprisingly short and petite. I told her that we were voting for her and I got a fantastic photo of us together.

At this point I thought my life was complete. THEN! We head to the Globen to watch the dress rehersal. We were about 2 hours early so we go into the Globen Mall and guess who is right in front of us... CHARLOTTE PERRELLI! They're playing 'Hero' on a loop and she's signing autographs!

So of coarse we signed up for that. She was a bit of a diva, but still nice enough. She signed my single 'Take Me To Your Heaven.'

2. The dress rehersal: They basically explained to us that the Final tonight is live, but that they were recording the dress rehersal so they could play it if there was a problem during the live broadcast on Saturday.

Charlotte was flawless... but in a way seemed like she wasn't really trying. I think that of coarse they don't want to give it 100% because they have to be ready for Saturday night.

Sibel's vocals were really poor last night. I'm not sure if she is sick or was just holding back... but it was probably her worst performance so far in the competition.

Linda rocked it! She's toned down the performance a bit and her vocals were really strong. I still don't like the choreography too much... but the audience loves the song and her single is sold out at every shop in Stockholm.

Amy Diamond was the most improved vocally. She sounded MUCH better and she added something to her stage props which I love.

Nordman has a really good chance of winning it all tonight. It was pretty clear after watching the audience reaction that people are LOVING Nordman. I think perhaps a lot of fans will split the vote between BWO and Charlotte which will leave an open door for Nordman.

Sanna was perfect as usual and hadn't changed anything in her performance.

Rongedal was another big surprise... everyone loved them. Of coarse the people around us were impressed that we knew the entire routine and gave our own performance as well.

Christer is the song you love to hate.

BWO was a big hit as well and nothing much had changed for their performance either.

So Im really stuck... I don't know what is going to happen tonight! The media here seems to have Charlotte pegged as the winner but I think BWO and Nordman could easily steal it.

Don't forget half of the vote is decided by a Jury and half from the public and quite often the juries and the public don't match.

3. So today we did some research and found out that there was a massive autograph singing taking place downtown. So at 11:30 I was waiting outside to see performances from Daniel, Alexander Schuld, Caracola, The Poodles and Ola!

Daniel was really really nice. It was actually pretty good to see him sing 'Pame' without all the glitter and campy costume and dance routine. I really really like this song. I talked to him for acouple minutes and he was really happy to sign autographs and pose for photos. Daniel said he wants either Charlotte or Sanna to win tonight.

Caracola were by far the nicest of all the stars I've met here (actually they're tied with Linda who was really great as well.) They signed 3 singles for me and asked me about Canada. They want Sanna to win tonight.

Alexander Schuld did a SUPERB acoustic version of his Melodifestivalen entry, but he wasn't very receptive when signing autographs.

The Poodles also did an acoustic set of a bunch of their hits but I couldn't be bothered to wait in line to meet them. They were also giving their single away for free to everyone walking on the streets. It came across as a little desperate actually.

It was great to see Ola live since I'm not seeing him in the final tonight, but he only sand Love in Stereo which was dissapointing. Caracola sang two tracks and I hoped that Ola would at least sing SOS as well. When we met him he was shocked to hear we were from Canada and he was really nice as well and talked to us for acouple minutes before posing for pictures.

I think I've told every artist that I've met that we've come all the way from Canada just to see them.

4. We went clubbing last night and they played Mans, Linda, Chatlotte, BWO, Amy, Christer, Shirley Clamp, Carola and Andreas, Rongedal, Sanna Nielsen and so much more... it was madness!

Im just getting ready to head to the Globen now to watch the Finalen. Don't forget you can watch it live online at tonight!!