Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tomorrow Babe It's You And Me Time...


Ok so I know most of you guys have made it clear that you're not fans of Westlife, but seeing as this is my blog... I'm going to continue to try and change your mind about them.

I used to be the worlds biggest Westlife fan... but after releasing crappy albums of covers over and over again, I really started to dismiss them alltogether.

But the band finally pulled it together for their latest album 'Home' which has been out for sometime now. While there are still some horrid covers on the album as usual... the band also has included some amazing original pop songs. The crowning achievement is of coarse the song 'Something Right' which will forever be one of their best songs of all time. It has been featured over at Poppostergirls site, so I won't bother posting it unless there is someone out there that doesn't have it still? The track was never released as a single in the Uk, but was a single in Sweden!

Their latest single in the Uk is 'Us Against The World' wasn't pushing any boundaries and isn't likely to make any new fans, but it features an unreleased track on the B-side called 'Get Away.' It's nothing groundbreaking but it's an upbeat sound that we rarely hear from the band. I'm not sure if I like the song as much as I like the first 15 seconds with the OooooOohhh!!

Westlife - Get Away


Paul said...

i fucking love westlife! Hahahaha i quite enjoy their crappy covers too. The dance mix of total eclipse is aces. Anyway, it's 10 years since their debut album! Sheesh!

Oh and more pics of you and famous people please.

Nikki said...

I love Westlife! I agree, 'Something Right' will forever be one of their best songs. 'Get Away' is cool though..

Troy said...

Aww im glad you agree Nikki!

Something Right is seriously pure pop perfection! It needed to be released in the Uk!

Jake said...

Get away would have been great for radio airplay. Shame no one at Sony BMG had the guts to make it an A side single. A happy track that would have broken the monotony of a decade of ballads.

Anonymous said...

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