Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ooha Oh Ba Ba Do Wah Yao Yao!!!

If you haven't discovered the band Caracola you've been missing out. Not only are these girls cute, their music is 100% pure unapologetic, in your face pop. Their songs are very summey, the kind of song you want to blast from your car or at the beach.

After an album in Swedish, the girls have finally released their english album off the heels of their appearance in 'Melodifestivalen'.

One of the things I love about Caracola is that they can actually sing live. Usually bands like this prefer to lipsync their way through a single or two and then proceed to get dropped by their record label.

Melodifestivalen has not been kind to it's previous girl bands. Artists like Excellence, Bubbles and Cosmo4 have all but dissapeared. Caracola have been around since 2006 and judging by their intensive promo tour they have scheduled from now until September, these girls aren't going anywhere!

Here is a photo of me meeting the girls last week in Stockholm!


Poster Girl said...

You're right about that Melodifestivalen/girl group curse--I really hope Caracola manage to avoid it! Everyone who's met them only has really positive things to say and I adored their performance of "Smiling In Love"--there was just such a...bubbly, triumphant feel to it. They really worked the cameras and stage!

Great photo, too :)

Anonymous said...

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