Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sweden Does Us Proud!

On Saturday Night Sweden showed that 'it wasn't hard at all' to put through the two biggest schlager anthems through direct to the finals!

Every year Sweden outdoes itself with the calibre and quality of the songs in Melodifestivalen. The SVT does a spectacular job of choosing a wide variety of songs to enter the competition.

I never thought the public would put through Linda and Charlotte in the top 2 but they did and I am so happy!

Everyone has already posted about this on every pop blog around so I'll keep my thoughts brief...

First, after seeing the performances I changed my mind about two of the songs.

1. Daniel... talk about ruining a perfectly good song. After hearing the one minute clip of Pame, I was on cloud nine, sure that the song would be one of my favorites of the year. I believe I said it may even be better than Cara Mia! Well my apologies to Mans... because Daniel was horrific on stage.

I'm sorry but everything about that performance was just wrong. His outfit... the dancing... his whole attitude on stage. He was too "showey" but maybe that's not the word I'm looking for.

The song is sooo good, I just felt like the performance didn't match the song, it made it too 'hokey.' I'm actually glad he didn't make it to the final now.

2. Sibel. WHAT A VOICE! Does anyone else think she looks a little strange though? But wow that girl can sing! It's a very different ballad than Empty Room... but with vocals like that she definitely earned her spot in the Andra Chansen.

But the night belonged to two women last night:

Linda and Charlotte! I LOVE Linda on stage... she has such fantastic energy and she is so genuinely happy after every performance... i dont care what anyone says about any of her past performances... i've loved every single one. She isn't the worlds best singer, but she gives 110% and I adore her!

Charlotte gave us the final 'new' melodifestivalen performance of 2008 and they saved one of the best for last. The heels, the dress, the glitter microphone, the hair, the lasers, the wind machines and of coarse... the key change. With all the drama on stage it really wasn't much of a contest at all.

Congratulations Sweden... you've done us all proud this year.

Next Saturday one of the most amazing second chance rounds will take place. There is only one thing Sweden has to correct in order to put everything right this year... and that is send Carola and Andreas to the Finals on March 15th!

I am sooooo excited!

Heads Up: I leave for London, England on Wednesday. I'll be there for 5 days where I will be doing a lot of shopping, dancing and seeing Same Difference live on tour!

On March 10th I'll be heading to Stockholm! I'll be seeing the dress rehersals on Friday and then I've got floor seats to see the Final at 8pm on Saturday March 15th!

I will have time for one more music post before I leave... I will have mini updates while I'm away!

So while I may not update very often for the next 20 days... stay tuned because when I get back there will be a tonne of new music to share!


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