Friday, February 29, 2008

Linda vs Charlotte


If you don't follow Melodifestivalen this is the time for you to start! This contest is about great music and this semi-final is FULL of great songs. This is like Christmas for Pop music lovers.

You can now hear one minute clips of all the songs for the next 24 hours.

Here are some thoughts:

1. Niklas Stromstedt - This song is very very retro sounding, like hippy music from the 70's. It doesn't do anything for me unfortunately. I think he's definitely out of the running with this one.

2. Calasia - A pretty song... but it has absolutely no wow factor. It's no Empty Room or For Att Du Finns. They have no chance and I think they'll be out of the competition in the first round of voting.

3. Fronda - Absolute utter crap. There is nothing I like about this song. I actually have a bit of a headache listening to it. Please let this song get voted out first away.

My prediction is that these songs will be the top 5.

5th Place - Sibel - That Is Where I'll Go: I heard a lot of positive things about this song and I can't say that I agree. Sure it's nice... but it's not very catchy and isn't something you could sing along to. I think she'll lose out in the end, not even a second chance for Sibel.

4th Place - Nordman - I Lagornas Sken: You know... I actually like this song! If they can perform it well I think they're guaranteed a spot in Andra Chansen.

3rd Place - Daniel Mitsogiannis - Pame: WOW! One of my favorite songs of the entire competition this year! OMG I can't spot listening to it. I think I love it more than Cara Mia!!! This is going to be one of my favorite songs of 2008 I think!

2nd Place - Carlotte Perrelli - Hero: When the song started I was sort of like... This is it? I was like... what is the big deal? Then the Chorus starts and the rest is history. Charlotte will go direct to the finals with this track. The verses are a bit weak I think... but WOW that Chorus is spectacular.

1st Place - Linda Bengtzing - Har Svart Kan Det Va: Ok so maybe Linda won't actually get first place... but she deserves it! I honestly think she will end up in second or third place tomorrow... but she deserves to go directly to the finals with this. It's perfect swedish schlager all the way with an AMAZING key change to end it all.

I sort of want to call in sick to work so I can sit here and listen to these songs all day!


Jaker said...

I'm SO glad I wasn't the only person who wasn't knocked over sideways by Charlotte's song.

I still have high hopes for the live performance, though.

Also, I have a blog now! Everyone, come check out my random spewing of thoughts!

Poster Girl said...

Yes Yes YES! This is the week I've been waiting for, the week that was going to throw me completely over the edge like the "Cara Mia"/"Live Forever"/"The Arrival" one-two-three punch (plus others) did last year in semifinal three. The songs you have as your one through three are my favorites, and I would be beyond thrilled to see those results come in on Saturday.

I'm so pleased with "Pame" too--I kind of thought it would be great but in a disposable kind of way, but (from the sounds of it) it's really not at all. That chorus gets stuck in your head SO easily. Can we send three songs to the final from here? We can knock Christer Sjögren out, I really wouldn't mind...

Even if we can't do that, though, the final has the potential to be JAW-DROPPING at this rate, if the right songs go through here and Andra Chansen.

Anonymous said...

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