Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Final Countdown... Number 3

I wouldn't be surprised if some of you didn't agree with Sanna's track being in my top 3. Is it the 3rd BEST single of the year? Probably not. But this isn't about the BEST songs... it's about my favorite songs! And Sanna sung one of my top 3 favorite songs of the year. To have a song that was released almost a year ago now still playing almost every day in my iPod!? That means it must be good!


The track was her entry into Melodifestivalen 2007 and she made it to the final round with it! She sung her heart out on the night of the final but with such tough competition it was clear fans were looking for something a little more different from Carolas 'Invincible.' I WISH I could hear this song in english... but I'm afraid these kinds of songs end up losing some of their punch when you translate them into english. Take Evighet or Vindarna Vander Oss... while they were still amazing... neither of them were as good in english. Something about the Swedish language that really packs a punch!


I only hope that this time next year her new track 'Empty Room' will make an appearance on my favorite songs of 2008! Not long to wait now!


aaarrgh said...

I know what you mean. Contrary to expectations, Swedish is a better language for singing than English. Somehow, "Do You Dare, Do I Dare?" lands with a thud compared to "Vagar Du, Vagar Jag?" By the way, the refrain in this song translates as "Life is starting here and now, the best thing in my life is you, I want to be alive here today, do you dare, do I dare?"

Anonymous said...

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