Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm Gonna Get Stage Fright, Caught In The Headlights

The Corrs

I've been listening to my old Corrs albums lately and found myself missing them... so here is a post about one of the most talented bands around.

I find it interesting how a band can go from being on top of the world to struggling to have a hit single. There was a time when The Corrs were on top of the world. In the late 90's they started to get international attention. Then in 2000 - 2002 they hit the mainstream. Their albums and singles sailed high in the charts across the globe. Their 2000 album 'In Blue' hit number 1 in 7 countries. Who wasn't singing along to 'Breathless' back in 2000?! WHO?! Their tours were massive and sold out across the globe.

Eventually something seemed to change and their popularity began to decline rapidly. In 2004 they released the album 'Borrowed Heaven.' I remember seeing them live in the Uk in 2004 at Party In The Park. Even the band seemed baffled at the lack of response from the audience. Only 3 years before on the same stage the band had full command of the audience. In 2004 it seemed the audience had little interest in the band or their new single 'Summer Sunshine.'

Now I happened to love the singles that were released from 'Borrowed Heaven' and feel like they deserve continued success. The band are currently on hiatus while they focus on their families. I really hope that they make a comeback in a year or two and reclaim their rightful place at the top of the pops around the world again.

The Corrs - Long Night

This song might be a little slow for you guys but it is actually one of my favorite Corrs songs of all time and since it's my blog I'll post it! I don't know what it is about it that I can't get enough of. Andrea has the most amazing voice and Sharon on the violin is flawless. I think if you give it a chance you'll enjoy it :) It's the kind of song you listen to when you're in the mood for some quiet mellow music.