Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Final Countdown...Number 8

*I don't know if anyone ever watches the youtube links that I post... but if there is one video you need to watch... it's this one; Sugababes perform About U Now (Acoustic)*
I feel like I keep repeating myself lately with some of these artists and songs... but It's just a lot of these songs are really just that great! I tried to stay away from some of the songs that are going to be on everyones top 10... but there was no staying away from this track. If you haven't heard it you must have been living under a rock this year. The single has just made another jump back up the Singles chart in the Uk last week from #19 to #12! Why is this such a big deal? Because the song was released September 19th 2007! It's still in the top 20 almost 4 months after it's initial release! The song spent 4 weeks at number one and is now officially the girls biggest hit to date.
Most acts peak early in their careers and never truly reach the heights that they started off at... but depite a number of problems, mostly involving line up changes... the band continues to have success. Why? Because they are genuinely talented and release great songs. I've been lucky enough to see them live twice now... and each time they blew me away with how great they sounded live. Something that one has to respect in a pop artist. In the comments section Paul from 'The' mentioned the 3 album/Greatest Hits/Split curse that has plagued so many other bands... it's a formula that the Sugababes I'm happy to say, have broken.


paul @ said...

i love that this song is outselling Change as a single. Even now! It's just such a perfect pop song. I think it was Electroqueer who wrote about it being for McFly fans (ie kids) but i think it was a great creation and something a little different for the girls. It would have been so easy for them to come back with another stomper in the form of Round Round or Hole In The Head. They took a chance and it really worked. And btw, Change is a great song, but i think the Babes should realise by now that chucking out a ballad at christmas isn't their strongest selling point...

. said...

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