Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Final Countdown... Number 4

Initially I wasn't a huge McFly fan. I thought they were a cheap, younger version of 'Busted' and I really didn't give them the time of day. But after seeing them live I remember leaving and I couldn't stop singing the infectious 'Obviously.'


It wasn't until their 2nd album 'Wonderland' that I really became a big McFly fan. The second album was a lot more mature sounding and a bit more mellow than their first. It really proved that the band has a lot of talent. The album is still one of my favorites to this day! That being said I haven't really been impressed with the songs they've released since 'Wonderland.' It got so bad that I stopped listening to their new songs when they were being released. I simply lost interest in the band completely and what they were doing.


Then for some random reason I decided to listen to 'The Heart Never Lies' and I was hooked. Just the way the song starts off slow and builds up as it goes along. The lryics are great and the guys sound amazing. This song is definitely worthy of a spot on anyones year end coundown.


paul @ said...

great choice but with an added hmmmm, we will have to have a discussion someday about ignoring the third album where you can find some of their best work to date! Still each to their own :)

Troy said...

Really?! Hmm you know, now I really wanna go listen to it... to be honest I never really gave it a chance.

Anonymous said...

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