Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome To The Future Of Ace of Base

So I should have posted this ages ago... but I'm finally getting to it. The time has FINALLY come... for the return of Ace of Base. Last month the band officially confirmed that Linn is no longer a part of the group and will have no role in the new album or tour. Fans of the band know that Linn hasn't really been a part of the band for the last decade... so this doesn't change much for the band.

Ace of Base played a number of concerts in November/December and they are now looking forward to a big year in 2008! Nothing is 100% confirmed... it seems plans are always changing when it comes to Ace of Base, but here is what is currently planned.

Ace of Base will go on a world tour in 2008 in support of a new remix album of their old hits. A new studio album will follow in September 2008! This will be the first new album since 2003's Da Capo. It is also the longest time that fans have had to wait between albums.

While on tour this winter the band have debuted a brand new version of their classic hit - Wheel Of Fortune. It is rumoured that this will be the first re-mix single from the remix album. The band says to expect more of this new sound from them on future recordings. Take a listen below... keep in mind that this is a live version.

I'm a little dissapointed to hear that the first new thing we're getting from the band is a re-release of an old hit... but perhaps this is the best way to get some renewed interest in the band and then hit them with a new album! The new sound is really exciting and this is a really good mix. I'd love to hear the studio verison.


Brooke said...

Great news, thanks for sharing! This is the first place I've heard it. I'm sad to hear that Lin has officially left, AoB will always be the four of them in my mind.

Bollinger Bolshevik said...

Ooh - can't wait for Beautiful Life 2008: That'll be something worth waiting for.

Anonymous said...

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