Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We're Only Prisoners Of Circumstance

So I after my year end countdown I was meaning to do another post on Amy Diamond and this whole plagarism thing reminded me to do it and so here it is!

Like I mentioned below Amy Diamond is one of the wildcards in Melodifestivalen this year and that's GREAT NEWS! It means that even though she JUST released an AMAZING new album recently... we're going to get a brand new single from her in February.

If you are a fan of fun POP music... you need to order Amy's 3rd album - Music In Motion. Every track is better than the one before. I am wildly impressed with the talent that she has and she's only just turning 16 years old!

When I saw the title I wasn't looking forward to hearing the song. I expected something really corny and boy was I proved wrong. I wish it had a different title because although the song can apply to one's graduation... it can be applied to many different situations.

Something that sounds like it belongs on Darin's album last album. It's something a little more 'cool' sounding than some of her other songs. What I love about all of Amy's songs is that they always have some really different sounds in them that you don't hear used in a lot of songs.
Please support the artist by purchasing her album online with free shipping worldwide - Here


Poster Girl said...

I don't know what I think about the plagiarism thing...but I do know you are absolutely right about Amy's album! I really think people who usually think she's too "kiddish" for them would be very pleasantly surprised by it, and I hope more people pick it up--one of 2007's best albums.

paul @ said...

i think i overcame my kiddishness aversion thanks to you and PPG and now utterly adore this album. The cover alone is fabtastic. And i hate being a prisoner of circumstance. Sometimes i just yell out "Free me for crissakes. Or at least grant me parole" That sounded funny in my head. It didn't translate well to the written word.

Anonymous said...

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