Sunday, January 27, 2008

That Girl Is Dangerous

WOWSA! Timbaland sure knows how to pick em! If you don't know him already, let me introduce you to Matt Pokora, better known as M.Pokora.

Matt shot to fame back in 2003 as in a season of Frances 'Popstars.' He eventually won and became a member of the band 'Linkup.' They had a few hit singles in France... one of those being a surprising duet. The song 'Bubblin' from Uk boyband 'Blue' was turned into a duet with Linkup. The result was an extremely cheesy video where clips of Linkup are simply inserted into Blue's oroginal video. You can see the video here.

All that was over soon enough and Matt was able to start a successful solo career. He actually has acouple good songs on his own. He dueted with Ricky Martin on 'It's ALright' which you can look up on youtube if you're interested.

Things are about to change for this relatively unknown french singer though as he has teamed up with the mighty Timbaland for his new single 'Dangerous.' Everything Timaland touches turns to gold and it won't be any different for M.Pokora.
I don't normally get into a lot of R & B songs but I really like the beat of this song. That being said it is very "Timbaland" sounding. I can't help but wonder how long these kinds of songs will last for. This formula can only be successful for so long before people get tired of the same sounding songs over and over. I hope Timbaland can adapt and come up with new sounds on his future recordings instead of sticking to the same thing over and over.


paul @ said...

ooo i like this quite a lot. Possibly cos i have ignored timbaland songs in general since Nelly F and Justin so haven't been as immersed in them. plus i always judge male pop stars by how hot they look too... :P

Troy said...

lol im with ya on that one paul!

Anonymous said...

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