Monday, January 07, 2008

The Final Countdown... Number 5

So I know I posted about this song during my 'Men Of Sweden' post, but I really can't get enough of Jimmy Jansson. I actually bought his album on a whim without hearing any of his songs besides Amanda and Som Sommaren which was posted by PPG on her blog.
Lets just say that it was one of my best album purchases of the year. Of all the great tracks on the album this song it the one I still cannot stop playing. It doesn't matter that I don't understand a word of what he is saying :) Actually if anyone knows what the song title means it would be great if you would let me know! I could look it up but i'm far too lazy!
The moral of this post: This song rocks and is in my top 5 of the year!


aaarrgh said...

The song title translates as "Can Someone Tell me Why?". If you like his current solo album, you should listen to his band's Melodifestivalen entry from 2002 "what Difference Does it Make" by the Poets. He's just as catchy in English.

Troy said...


That's so awesome! Thanks for letting me know that :)

I actually had the Poets song AGES ago... but never really realised that it was Jimmy singing it until quite recently!

Anonymous said...

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