Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Plagarism? You Decide

Amy Diamond vs Paolo Meneguzzi
Every year across the globe artists are accused of plagarism. Basically taking a song... changing the words and maybe the construction of the song and passing it off as their own.

It's a touchy subject especially when music fans get involved and are defending their favorite artists. It can be extremely hard to prove as well. How do you prove that someone who writes a song similar to someone elses was aware of the original? Many people say that it's only normal for two songs to eventually be released that sound alike.

Artists and song writers are constantly being sued for plagarising songs and often the accused end up settling outside of court with details that are never released.

Eurovision season is upon us and it is not immune to these types of allegations and it seems they come up every year. Last year Scooch's entry was accused of copying a song originally recorded by Pandora.

Well this year is no different as the finger pointing already begins.

Switzerland has already selected their song for Eurovision 2008. A beautiful ballad that picks up the pace in the second half and is going to be a real crowd pleaser for sure!

Here's the problem: The song is eerily similar to a song called 'It Can Only Get Better' that was released as a single in 2006 by Swedish pop sensation - Amy Diamond. Things are even more juicy because Amy is currently trying to win the spot to represent Sweden at Eurovision this year! I imagine if she wins there will be some awkward moments in the green room!

Now I am a HUGE fan of Amy. I've actually posted her song 'It Can Only Get Better' at least twice here before, so if you're a regular here you've probably heard it already. I've listened to both songs and I actually really LOVE Paolo's song. It's probably going to end up being one of my favorites this year. BUT... the song is VERY VERY similar to Amy's, especially the first minute.

I've read the comments online and it seems alot of people disagree with me... maybe I'm bias because I'm an Amy fan? I'd love to hear what you lot think! Vote on the right hand side.

If you haven't heard the two songs... here is are two videos. I will also post a good quality version of Paolo's track when I get it.