Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why Stand Up And Steal It...


So I was reading Pauls blog over at and he posted some great thoughts on boyband 'V' and it inspired me to make a post about the short lived boyband.

'V' were a great act that deserved far more than they received. Although they were dropped prematurely they still managed to squeeze out an entire album which had some great pop gems on it. I was lucky enough to see them live back in 2004. I remember they hit the stage at a festival I was at in the Uk. When they came out I started screaming for them... the blonde one kept waving at me. It's pretty embarassing now that I think about it! I remember the guy next to me was like... "Tell me you don't actually like this sh*t." He started booing... so I screamed louder. It was rather funny.

Hip to Hip will forever be one of the catchiest boyband tracks ever and one of my all time fave songs to dance to at clubs in the Uk! The album had some great tracks like 'Hold Me' and 'Breakaway.' The video for 'Can You Feel It' was super fun and cheesy in all the best possible ways. Also let's not forget the famous TOTP singing in the rain performance... youtube it if you haven't seen it! It's classic!

Their last single was the ballad - You Stood Up. What was really interesting about the cd single was that the cd came with a whopping 10 versions of the song on it! 5 of the versions were of each guy singing the song solo. Now maybe it's a little much to have 5 versions of the same song but I thought it was pretty cool that you could have the song sung by whichever guy you liked the best. Talk about great marketing! After listening to all 5 versions I like the version sung by Ant the best. I know every pop blog out there has done a post dedicated to V... but I figured why not me!

V - Hip To Hip


Dan82 said...

oooh thanks, any chance u could post kev & mark's versions too? i thought they were great, but this song took a long while to be amazing.

Troy said...

Hey Dan... no prob! ill post them up tomorrow :)

Troy said...



Anonymous said...

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Rich said...


Just found your blog today--loved post about V! Hey, is there any chance you can re-up the link to Antony's version of "You Stood Up"? Thanx a lot!