Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Final Countdown... The Runners Up

This will be the last post before we get to my TOP TEN of 2007!! These are the songs that I would consider to be runners up... I LOVED them this year... but they didn't get as much 'play' as the rest of the songs on my list. Still they deserve to be mentioned!

I've posted acouple songs from Danish band C21 this year... Soren used to be a part of C21 and he released his solo album 'Life Is Simple, Not Easy' this year. While I found the album to be a little lacklustre... this song stood out and I played it regularly over the past few months.

Erik Segerstedt - 2 Happy 2 Soon

Back in the spring I posted a comparison of Erik Segerstedt vs Markus Fagervall. At the time I said that Erik's album was superior to Markus'. While I still agree that Erik's album is better overall, Erik failed to have a song in my top ten... can the same be said for Markus? Check out my next post for the answer.

Backstreet Boys - Any Other Way
Backstreet Boys - Something That I Already Know

'Unbreakable' is probably the first BSB album to really flop... and I say it's because the band didn't work with Max Martin at all which is a crime! But still... I've always been a huge BSB fan and I did enjoy the new album. 'Inconsolable' was a lame first single I thought... but there are definitely some bright spots on the album. The album also did extremely well in Canada where there has always been a lot of support for the band. At the end of the day I think this might be the end of BSB. These songs are some of the best songs from 'Unbreakable.'

Ultra - Feeling Alive

Uk Band 'Ultra' came back out of nowhere and released an independant pop album... something that is rarely seen in the world of pop. While no one even knew they did it... the album was really good... Feeling Alive is a great song from the alb.

BWO - The Destiny Of Love

BWO continue to show us that they know how to make the oddest videos in the history of Pop. Every video they release is more creative and odd than the last. While I wasn't truly impressed by any of their singles this year, Destiny Of Love was a solid track backed by a wonderfully strange video.

Danny - Feat. Therese - If Only You
One of the smartest moves in the world of pop in 2007 was deciding to add Therese to this track from Danny's album and release it as a single!

Alphabeat - 10'000 Nights Of Thunder
I dedicated a post to Alphabeat last month and I think you all should go out and buy their album!

Da Buzz - Take All My Love
Da Buzz showed us just how many hits they've had in the last 10 years with the release of their Greatest Hits album this year which gave us this amazing track.

This song only gets posted because I think the song has wonderful lyrics. I'd actually love to hear someone cover it and make it better, I don't think Damien does it justice. He does sing it quite nicely live though!

Girlband - Electric

Australia shows us that the 'Popstars' brand isn't dead with 'Girlband'

Girls Aloud - Call The Shots
One of the girls best selling singles in sometime... it stayed in the top 5 for ages in the Uk.

Enrique Iglasias - Wish I Was Your Lover
These are the kinds of songs Enrique needs to be releasing as singles!

The Sugababes really brought me back as a fan this year... their album was spectacular!


paul @ said...

oh wow so much good stuff here - first off though, how did i not know soren had an album out?! I will have to check that out very soon. Also totally agree with you about Ultra's album and BWO Destiny of Love ~ both provided me with many smiles in 2007!

Troy said...

I had no idea either actually... one of my readers gave me the inside scoop.

I've got acouple more tracks from the alb that aren't bad! Ill have to send em over for ya.

Digital Technique said...

Had forgotten what a beautiful song 22 Steps is but I know what you mean about someone else covering it, Damien's version just lacks 'something' but I can't explain what!

Love the Soren song, I kinda missed out on the whole C21 thing somehow but might have to track down his album!

thebraff said...

I love Damiens recorded version of 22 Steps, but I totally agree with you. The different versions that he does live are awesome. I think they are more how he would have preferred to record the song if he had the final say.

Anonymous said...

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