Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fridays Fantastic New Singles

So I have acouple random new tracks to share that I'm currently playing and wanted to get some feedback on...

I'm not big on R & B tracks... I find them pretty cookie cutter usually but this new track is really different from a lot of other tracks on the radio at the minute. It's a really "full/big" sounding song. i doubt they could ever re-create the greatness of this track live... but it's a great duet. I'm really impressed!

Just when you thought there was no one other boy bands from the 90's that would try to make a comeback... here from French boyband - Worlds Apart with a comeback single. It's a pretty song... but not really 'comeback' material. Does anyone else find the whole 'Riverdance' part a bit random? It doesn't really fit in with the rest of the song.

In less than 2 months BWO will release their new single from Melodifestivalen. Until then they leave us with their last single from their 3rd album. To be honest I've been a little dissapointed with BWO's singles for quite sometime. I don't feel like they've ever been able to live up to their first album. They've had some great rays of sunshine with Chariots of Fire and Destiny Of Love... and Give Me The Night isn't bad... although it's no 'Temple Of Love.' It's a catchy ditty and a good lead up to the greatness that is destined to be their next single! I CANT WAIT!

No it's not a cover of the 'Lolly' classic (Bonus points if you got that reference). The guys are Swedish and the song was written by Thomas G:Son and is currently competing in the Polish National Song Contest to select the entry for Eurovision 2008. The song is catchy enough... but Man Meadow? I think they could use a new name.