Monday, February 04, 2008

I Thought I'd Seen Everything Til I Saw You

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is such a great song writer! He will be releasing a new studio album in March and here is his first single. It's only his second new studio album in the last 10 years!


Most of the younger readers may not have a real appreciation for Bryan's music. Considering one of the biggest songs in history is his 1991 track - Everything I Do, I Do It For You which spent 4 months at number 1 in the Uk and topped charts around the world.


If you have dismissed Bryan Adams you ought to think again. Despite his first singles being released back in 1980... Bryan's new music remains extremely relevant in Pop music today. Consider his '98 duet with Mel. C, or his 2000 his 'Don't Give Up' with Chicane which went Number 1 in the Uk.


His new single is subtle and very smooth sounding and is extremely easy to listen to. I really hope this means that his new album will be a hit in North America. His last album failed to make any impact in the charts here despite selling very well across Europe.


Bryan Adams - I Thought I'd Seen Everything

If you don't know much about his music try some of these tracks:

Bryan Adams - Cloud Number 9

Bryan Adams - Inside Out

Bryan Adams & Melanie C - When You're Gone


paul @ said...

Ooo i meant to comment on this ages ago. I sporadically like bryan adams. I saw he was on D'Luv's towleroad column as one of those guys we shouldn't think are hot but do. It depends what he's wearing to be honest. And my shallowness reaches new depths. Which is a really deep sentence when you think about it...

Troy said...

Hmm I can't say that i've ever considered Bryan Adams hot?!

I think you guys are on your own on that one !! ;)

Anonymous said...

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