Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jason Donovan vs Rick Astley

Rick Astley

Jason Donovan

So I may not be old enough to remember when these two singers were in their peak... but that doesn't mean they dont' have a special place in my heart!

Rick Astley and Jason Donovan both had their careers take off when they teamed up with Stock, Aitken and Waterman's record label PWL. Both have had huge amounts of success and both continue to be involved in music to this day.

But who is the ultimate 80's PWL posterboy? Let's examine the evidence and you decide.

Most Hit Singles:
Jason Donovan: 17
Rick Astley: 16

Most Original Solo Albums:
Rick Astley: 6
Jason Donovan: 3

Most Number 1 Singles:
Jason Donovan: 4
Rick Astley: 3

Most Greatest Hits Albums Released:
Rick Astley: 4
Jason Donovan: 3

Worst CD Cover:

Jason Donovan: Happy Together

Rick Astley: The Ones You Love

Biggest Career Outside Of Music:

Jason Donovan - Acting

Biggest Scandal Of Their Career:

Jason Donovan: After being accused of being gay by a magazine Jason sued the magazine and won over $400'000 in damages. As a result Jason was accused of being homophobic. As a result he alienated a lot of his gay fans and Jason says that the entire fiasco was a mistake that hurt his career.

Rick Astley: In 2006 Rick had signed on to appear in the BBC's Celebrity duet show - Just The Two Of Us. At the last minute Rick pulled out and left the show organizers scrabling to fill his spot. Industry insiders critisized the singer for his unprofessionalism.

It's a tough call... but only one artist can reign supreme ... who is your favorite Stock, Aiken Waterman posterboy? Is it Rick Astley or Jason Donovan?


Paul said...

It's so Jason. I love the cover to Happy Together - i loved the fact that it was his first single after his Joseph success so sort of had that theme going on in the cover art. My fave Jason song has to be the Christmas tinged When You Come Back To Me. Ace song. Shit cover.

Troy said...

Hmm I dunno... I think I may be on team Astley for this one!

And the cover to Happy Together... its one of those.. wow this is so bad.... but it's good bad :)

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