Friday, February 15, 2008

Songs Online Now!


So I have absolutely no time to talk... but here are my favorites from Melodifestivalen Night 2!

Here are my faves though! This could change once I see the live performances... but I am VERY surprised!

First off Ola and Sanna aren't even in my top 3!!

1. Carola & Andreas - One Love

2. Alexander Schold - Den Forsta Svalan

3. Rongedal - Just A Minute

4. Sanna Nielsen - Empty Room

5. Ola - Love In Stereo

6. Lasse Lindh - Di Behovar Aldrig Mer Vara Radd

7. Andra Generationen - Kebabpizza Slivovitza

8. The Nicole - Razborka

Who will make it to the final? I think Carola and Andreas will go Direct... but the rest it a toss up... I really have no idea. No other song is absolutely good enough to go direct... I think its going to be very tough to call this one. I think the only other person who is guaranteed anything will be Sanna... she will either go direct or to to Andra Chansen.