Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Was Wrong!

So after listening to the one minute clips from tonights semi-final I was pretty un-impressed.

Maybe I was just in a bad mood, or maybe it took the full performance to really hit home for me... but after watching tonights semi-final live... I was WOWED!

Every performance (with the exception of Eskobar) was SPOT ON! The vocals were great, the performances were each special in their own way and the songs were MUCH better than I first thought.

First off... BWO ROCKED THE HOUSE! Now that I've seen it live and heard the whole song, I think Lay Your Love On Me is better than Temple Of Love. They definitely deserved to go straight to the final.

Therese was amazing... she borrowed Carola's wind machines and flags from 2006. Glad to see they're going to be used again in the second chance round. She'll go up against Sussie Tapper and Therese will win no contest!

Boy was I wrong about Caracola... the song is fun and extremely catchy... I've been singing it all day and they could sing live! I'm glad they get a second chance, but I'm a little scared that they're going up against Ola in the second chance round. My vote is going to have to be for Ola I think.

Finally the SHOCKER of the night! Frida vs Patrik! I LOVE Patrik's song. It's going to get a lot of play on my iPod. I was SURE he would go direct to the final.

But then along comes Frida and she really proved what this contest is all about. With a great song, great personality and great performance, the public will do the right thing. I never thought she had a chance (neither did she!) and sure enough she was voted direct to the final while Patrik is out of the competition.

I'm really happy with the results. I'm EXTREMELY happy that Eskobar didn't make it... the song was mediocre and the vocals were by far the worst of the night.

What A Show!

I cannot wait until next week!!


Poster Girl said...

Troy, yay! I'm so glad you ended up being excited about this semifinal :D Loved reading your reactions.

Anonymous said...

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