Friday, February 01, 2008

Until The Stars Come Crashing Down...

David Charvet

Does David Charvet look familiar to you? If so you might be surprised to find that David Charvet can actually sing; since he is best known for his well known roles on TV's "Baywatch" and "Melrose Place."


In 1999 David gave up acting to focus on a career in music, specifically in France and Europe. Today David has released 3 albums and 7 singles; reportedly David is working on his 4th album now.


I have a few of his songs from his second album and they're not bad! I quite enjoy the video for 'Leap Of Faith' which is probably his biggest hit to date. If you have any of his other stuff I'd love to hear it!

David Charvet - Leap Of Faith

David Charvet - All I Want Is You

Check out the cinematic video for 'Leap Of Faith.'


paul @ said...

i remember buying this album cos David Charvet was hot in baywatch rather than for any musical talents. Still i liked it rather a lot, and thought it complemented Nick Carter (BSB) solo album which was out around the same time rather well.

Troy said...

lol im the same way! I still refer to David Charvet as my boyfriend ;)

Anonymous said...

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