Sunday, February 10, 2008


So the first semi-final has ended... the dust has cleared and two songs have been put through to the Finalen.

I'm not surprised by the results. It was clear that Amy and Christer would go through from the start.

As you can imagine I'm THRILLED that Amy got through! I did think her vocals were a bit weak, but the choreography was great! You have to remember she is only 15! She did an interview with esctoday where they ask her how she'd feel competing against the Swiss song if she made it to Eurovision. She handled the question very well and basically said that she didn't write the song, and that it's something the song writers have to deal with and that she wishes the song luck.

As for Christer... I realise the song is cheesy... but I have to admit I find myself smiling when I listen to it. It's all in good fun... but I sure do hope that he doesn't get very far with the song in the finals.

As for the Andra Chansen... I'm happy that E-type & The Poodles got through, I was sure they would... but I'm really dissapointed that Velvet didn't make it. It really is a crime. A lot of people said her vocals weren't very good, but I actually thought she sung it really fantastic live! An upbeat song is really hard to sing live, and she did a superb job.

I LOVED Brandur's voice live. He has a lot of talent, but the song just wasn't right.

Michael's song is great, I'm definitely going to be playing it a lot... he also did a great job live, but I think there's nothing really special about the song that hasn't been done in the past.

So until the next 8 songs are released!