Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why It's Ok!!!

So at first I was FURIOUS!!

How could CAROLA end up in the Andra Chansen?

Then It hit me... why this is a GOOD THING!

1. Sanna Nielsen deserved to go automatically... the song is beautiful and the vocals were flawless. The song is different from any other ballad that's been to the finals in sometime.

2. Ola was great, and deserved to go to Andra Chansen. I don't think he'll make it to the finals... but if he does he'll be a welcome addition.

3. Rongedal are fun, catchy and the song is pure fun. If they would have gone to the Andra Chansen, there is no chance they would have made it to the finals... this way they already have their ticket to the final!

4. Carola and Andreas will have no problem winning the second chance round and will end up in the final anyways!

So there you have it... It's ok that Carola and Andreas go to the Andra Chansen. Because it means that a great act like Rongedal get to have a minute in the spotlight and will be in the finals too!

Everybody Wins!

P.S. I LOVED tonights show... it was a HUGE improvement on last week. I still really like Alexanders song and I imagine I'll be playing the cd version a lot once I get my hands on the 2008 album!

Next week: BWO & Caracola!!


Poster Girl said...

I really like Alexander's song (in studio) too! I'm so glad you do too...still, well done with your top 4, Sweden--not necessarily the order I would have put them in, but that's a top 4 I like!

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