Thursday, February 14, 2008

You're Not Alone, We Are Together

Jonathan Wilkes

Don't ask me where I dug this song up from. I was going through some of my old mix cd's back from like 2001 and fame across this old gem of a track.

The singer is Jonathan Wilkes you is best known for being Robbie Williams best friend. After singing a record deal with innocent records his debut single was released... unfortunately one single was all it took. The single peaked at #24 in the Uk.

His official website says that he was 'disillusioned with the music industry' and decided to put his singing career on hold. Sounds to me like he was dropped when the single failed to live up to expectations, but whatever helps ya sleep at night Jonathan!

Jonathan can still be seen performing in musicals in London; currently in 'Cinderella.'

At the end of the day I was one of the few people it seems who really liked his song. Sure it was repetative, but it was catchy and a good 'Spring' type song.

So let's look back at the one single Jonathan had and enjoy it together for old time sakes!