Thursday, February 07, 2008

What's Wrong With Me Wrapped Around Your Finger...

Rachel Stevens

The princess of pop is reportedly back at it again! Her last album was released over 3 years ago now in October 2005. If you want a classic pop album this is one to add to your list of essential pop albums you MUST own! The album was a brilliant shining light in the world of pop... but unfortunately the record sales stalled and the album was deemed a commercial failure. Rachel went into seclusion and rumours were rampant that she had been dropped by her record label.

Today rumours have started again. It is believed that Rachel has parted ways with her management and record label and is currently working on a third album. A song entitled 'Guide To Seduction' is said to have been recorded by Rachel. True or False? I pray that this news is true!

Most people already have the FANTASTIC tracks - Some Girls & So Good... which will forever hold a place as two of the best pop songs of all time! Here are some of her album tracks I've liked:

Rachel Stevens - Crazy Boys

Rachel Stevens - I Will Be There

Rachel Stevens - Breathe In, Breathe Out (Single Mix)


Paul said...

oh that last album was so underrated and underpromoted. Crazy Boys should definitely have been a fourth single followed by her Alexis Strum track with a brand new corker on the flip. When will rrecord companies learn i am always right :)

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